Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Still Busy

I managed to keep myself busy all day long. I started out getting all the orders into the mail and then went to to remaking my newest choker, the one with the macrame slide closure. I really love that I don't have to add any hardware when I'm done. I do have to add a dot of glue to the knot of the closure though. I suppose that's not at all the same. I also had to open my last ball of black thread. I was sharing yesterday that every time I open a new ball of thread I smell it. I thought this was weird, but apparently I'm not the only one who inhales new products, though mostly it was books people admitted to smelling, but I digress. After I opened that ball of thread, I worked on remaking a bracelet for the rest of the morning.

At lunchtime I got a new order that contained a custom color piece, so I had my task for the afternoon. This one is a purple and black version of my Celtic triangles necklace. The original red and black one is sitting in the bag beneath the new flowery bits. I almost always drag out a finished piece when I'm making a new one to remind me of the stitch counts, because you know I still rarely write things down.

After that necklace was done, I moved onto remaking masks. Since I was low on eye wires, I started by making new ones of those. I actually quite enjoy just playing with the wire as a diversion from the thread. I've already gotten halfway through one mask, but there is another in queue to be remade as well, so I think that might be the entirety of my day. I fear my sale may have already run it's course, but I'll continue to push it until the 9th when it's scheduled to expire. I'm still only about halfway to making the car repair bills disappear, so I'll end this post with another reminder to shop and/or share my sale if you can. It's a good 25% off everything in my shop with the code 'SUMMER25'. Thanks again for all the support so far!

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