Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy, Yay!

Well, we managed to keep pretty busy this weekend despite any real plans. On Friday I tagged along with my kids on Grandma day and that ate up most of my day, then there was 4th of July stuff, and a bit of running around. What time I had left I devoted to working on a custom order that I got from my sale. I had two pieces to make for that order and it was my first priority since everything else sold so far is already made. The one thing that's always interesting about custom color pieces is that they are so very often color combinations that I would have never thought to put together myself.

After those pieces were made it was onto some of the sold pieces. I've been lucky enough to sell a pair of barefoot sandals,  a pair of cat ears, some bracelets and quite a few other pieces. So far I've remade  the barefoot sandals, the ears, and an anklet. I've  enough pieces in queue that I had to bite the bullet and order more black thread. This is the first time I've ordered supplies in months and it was weird.

I did take a bit of a break from tatting over the weekend and I
got a second piece of RPL made to match the last one. They're not exactly the same of course, but I think close enough to be a pair. So here's the new dilemma, I think they also look great as barefoot sandals, so how do I sell them? Do I just list them as a pair that can be both slave bracelets and barefoot sandals, or do I make yet another so I can sell it as a single as well? Or am I getting ahead of myself entirely since I've never sold anything like this and I don't even know what to charge for it anyway? Or is there even a market for them?

I suppose I'll be thinking on all that today while I work on getting some more order in the mail. The sale has been doing well. I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps it up this week so I really make a dent in some of these car repair bills. Of course what I really hope is that some of this momentum continues after the sale and my shop gets at least a little busier than it's been. Remember the sale only runs through the 9th and the code is 'SUMMER25' for 25% off everything including patterns. Please do share the code with anyone you think might be interested. I really appreciate everyone who has shopped and shared so far!

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SWtrompeter said...

I think the RPL looks nicer as a barefoot sandal.....just my opinion. :-) Somehow the crochet cord and the density of the piece make it look too ....thick (?) for a slave bracelet. Then again, your hands, wrists and arms are slender, which might just make it LOOK bigger/thicker than it really is. On me, it might look 'just right.' :-) Very pretty lace, either way.