Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Much

So I got nothing done yesterday at all. We ran some errands early in the day and I picked up a couple of clearance needle felting art kits. Did I need them? Nope, but there is something therapeutic about stabbing something repeatedly with a long sharp needle, so I got them. The family spent most of the day just sitting about watching movies and relaxing once the errands were done. I sat and stabbed wool for awhile and then worked on that crochet cord for awhile. I'm still not certain what I plan to do with it. I spent some time looking at existing patterns online, but nothing jumped out at me. I'll just keep crocheting until something looks good since I can always cut the cord if I need to.

So since I don't have any crafts to sow you or even any good tales, here's a picture of an octopus from our trip to the aquarium. Today is just more of the same plus a dental appointment, so here's hoping for something interesting.

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