Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This and That

I started the day finishing up a couple of orders and putting them into the mail, but after that I started a different project. I have been having headphone issues. The pair I love and still sounds great has cuts and let's be honest cat based damage. I tried to find new ones that weren't expensive, but it was for naught. Instead I opted for a free fix of covering the wires. There are tutorials all over on how to do so with embroidery floss, but I didn't need them or the floss. I used some thin acrylic yarn and the same half hitch knot that we use to make Josephine chains. I think it probably has a dozen different names depending on what knot based craft you do. It took most of the day to do, but it worked just fine.

After I finished that task I did a little design work. I wanted to do some bobbin lace, but it turns out I need a minimum of 14 pairs of bobbins to try the next batch of patterns and as I have only 13, they will have to wait a bit longer. Instead I just doodled a bit and came up with this little piece. I tried a few variations of it, but I think the first one here might have been the best. Clearly it makes a perfect earring or pendant design. Next I want to see if I can extend the basic design into an edging of sorts. I'm not sure how yet. I already tried one way and failed pretty spectacularly.

The husband is taking most of the week off, so I'm not certain what, if anything I'll accomplish. I will try to get this design worked on a bit though. I also think I should do a bit more RPL while I still remember how. I need to commit the basic techniques to memory by repetition, or I'll have to relearn everything again if I ever want to keep doing it. So I guess what I'm saying is that I have plenty to do if I have the time.

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