Monday, July 13, 2015

The Coast

I don't think I mentioned that we were going out of town for the weekend. We always head out to Monterey for our anniversary, this time it fell on a weekend which is good and bad. Good because I didn't have to worry about my shop as much, but bad because it's a bit more crowded everywhere we go. It was quite a bit more sunny than usual as well. In fact I got a bit burnt the first day out. I think it was the hiking at Point Lobos that did it, but the rest of the day was outside too, so it really doesn't matter what bot of sun got me.

I didn't take any tatting with me, but our hotel is right next to an antique mall, so there was plenty of lace. I can't help but identify every piece I see, though most of it was crochet there was some tatting, and a tiny bit of bobbin lace. I was on a bit of a hunt for the bobbins themselves though. I found a few in terrible condition and while I might have been able to rehabilitate them, they were also nine dollars a piece and that is far too much for a fixer upper.

Then I ran into this jar. It was chock full of bobbins in pretty good shape. They were still five dollar a piece so I couldn't justify getting more than a couple of them. I guess that puts me up to 13 pairs of bobbins so I might have a couple more patterns I can try out soon. These are the times that I wish I was one of those people who got left their grandmother's lace tools. No such luck. The closet thing I got was a handkerchief with a tatted edging from a great grandmother given to me by my grandmother when she passed.

I still have some tatting to get back to before I'm back to the bobbins though. I got a couple of small orders over the weekend, so I need to take care of those first. I also think I might just need to rest a bit after a weekend of so much walking. I do miss the cool coastal air already though.

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