Monday, July 20, 2015


While I didn't get too much done over the weekend, my Friday was pretty eventful. I got all the newest jewelry listed in my etsy shop. Well, the tatted jewelry anyway. I'm still not sure what kind of price point to put on the RPL pieces. I mean they do seem to take me longer to make, but my level of expertise is quite low currently, so that can't really be taken into consideration yet. I guess I'll just need to think on it some more.

The rest of Friday I finally got creative and got to work with the newest piece of cord I made. I decided to forget about a pattern and went free-form instead. I took a piece of muslin, put a piece of clear liner on it and just made some measurement marks along the sides for size reference. Then I just started twisting the piece and tacking it down as I went. The only plan was a loop at the beginning and end so that it could become a bracelet in the end.

I also had no real plan when it came to the stitching in between. I
know how to make many of the stitches I've seen used, though I've no idea what they are named. I should probably look into that a bit. Anyway, I used a few different designs, mostly randomly throughout the piece trying to keep that whole free-form theme going. I have to say that I really like the chaos here. I mean my tatting is usually very precise with more math than I care to admit involved in its creation. This is relatively uncontrolled and a lot of fun. Not that I don't enjoy precise because I do love that as well.

I made up a couple more cords over the weekend with my sitting time. My etsy shop has quieted right down again like I hoped it wouldn't, so I'm going to focus on anything else for a spell. Anything to keep me making something. Hopefully I'll get a couple more of these made and not freeze up when determining a price so I can list them in my shop. Here's hoping.

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SWtrompeter said...

Wow! I've always been a fan of 'precision,' but this free-form idea of yours is beautiful! I might have to look up RPL and give it a try. This looks wonderful.