Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Armenian Lace

I finished up the tatted heart order fairly early in the morning. I thought that I'd just go ahead and look for something else to learn. Turkish Oya had been suggested before, but I'd had issues finding anything to teach me what I actually wanted to learn. The little I'd sussed out about Oya, was that it appears to be any thread based adornment to the edges of garments. It seems to refer to tatting, crochet and the knotted lace, which is the one I wanted to learn. Eventually I found a link to an old Priscilla book called Armenian Lace and it was exactly the lace I was looking for all along.

As you can see here, it was not an instant success. So far, it appears to just be this simple knot spaced out properly to create all the designs. I got the knot fairly quickly, but trying to control the spaces was a challenge for me. Thankfully I had nothing better to do, so I continued to practice until it started looking right. I even felt confident enough to try it in a round. That skill needs some serious work, though I think I got the simple edge pretty good.

I went back to edgings after trying the one round piece. I really need to work on those spaces and this edging had picot loops as well to try out. I find this one bloody adorable. It also looks like there's a way to simple cut the lace off the fabric and make it stand alone because these knots are seemingly indestructible. I clearly have a lot of reading and work ahead of me, but I think I can add another form of lace to my list of, 'at least I've tried it'. Maybe I can later add to the list of things I'm actually good at, you know, one day.


Bernice said...

Thats exactly what I want to learn too, Armenian Lace. What types of thread do you recommend to use?

TotusMel said...

@Bernice I really don't have enough experience to make any thread recommendations. I'm currently using some vintage size 30 thread and it seems to be working well. I tried sewing thread first and it was far too thin for me.