Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Romanian Point Lace

Well we had a nice recovery day around here after the previous kid filled day. It was quiet and I got much done. I finished making the crochet chain I needed for my first go at the Romanian point lace early in the day and got it all tacked done and ready to go. If you're curious and want to give it a go as well, the tutorial I used is here. All you need is needles, thread, some plain fabric and some contact paper. Though those last two can be replaced with some paper according to other site. I had everything, so i decided to just follow the one tutorial all the way through.

Once it was all tacked down the embroidery work began and it worked up fast. Even though I clearly made some shaping mistakes that I'm just going to chalk up to it being my first try, I'm still pretty proud of myself. In fact almost immediately began making another cord, this time in black, so I could experiment. I thought about just looking for more existing patterns to try, but the whole construction process seems to free form that I felt it simple to just make something up as I went.

I used a simple Celtic knot design for the cording and, well, I'm
making up the fill in stitches as I go.The spaces are probably not as big as they should be for some really fancy work, but it's definitely giving me some quick practice. Aside from the sheer length of time it takes to crochet the cord, it's a craft that can have some immediate gratification. I mean once the embroidery portion begins, the progress is obvious. I think I'll keep playing around with this for a spell. I have a sense that it has potential to be easily joined with my tatting. More practice is required first though.

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