Wednesday, July 8, 2015


While I did pretty much spend all day yesterday tatting, I managed to forget to take a picture of anything I made. I finished one mask, made a bracelet, a pendant necklace and followed it up with another, not quite finished yet, mask. There are no pictures of these things though since they are all just remakes of existing pieces. I did take a picture of one of the kids' pet rats though, so since it's the only one I took, it's the picture you get. This is Meg snacking on the couch. Right after this picture she scaled me like a mountain to get another piece of granola bar.

I did get a couple more sales yesterday, so again, thanks to those of you who shopped and shared! I also apologize for being one track minded lately regarding the sale. The bobbin lace and RPL are just sitting about waiting for me to come back to them, but I need to focus on the shop for a while. I'm still hoping to erase most of those car bills and it would be awesome if this was the kick the shop needed to get back to a steady flow of sales. I think that all this tatting might be inspiring me to design soon too. Here's hoping!

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