Thursday, July 30, 2015


Well I did have a much better day even if I didn't accomplish too much. I got a small sale in the morning, so I had a tatted mustache necklace to make. That only took a short time, so I went straight onto the idea I had with the needle-lace oya pine cone. While I was working on that idea I tried to get a clearer idea on the oya front as to names for the different types and honestly I came away with more names. Seems oya simply means lace, so the type refers to how it's made, tatting, crochet, knotted, etc. So I'm just going to keep using Armenian lace for now since that's the book I'm learning from calls it, even if it is from the 20's. Anyway here's the pine cone in larger black thread started on a tatted ring. It's destined to become a pendant today I think. I even managed to work up the whole piece including the tassel with one length of thread and the whole thing was made with my tatting needle and for some reason I'm proud of that.

The rest of the day I tried and mostly failed to get a doily started. I'm fine in the center and then as it works out with larger loops, my ability to keep those loops consistent falls apart and thus the design falls apart. I really do love the centers though, they look so neat. Maybe I'll just work a center round into a pendant as well. I just have to try it with larger thread and see how it handles. After that maybe I'll give the flowers a try. They seem to use mostly the small loops that I apparently have down already. I really do want to achieve one of the doilies at some point though, they seem like they require the most skill and I want that skill...someday.


Jane McLellan said...

I've been puzzled myself by the term oya. It seems to refer to so many things! So if it means 'lace', I can understand why, thanks. I'm enjoying seeing your experimenting with Armenian lace.

Madtatter80 said...

Looks wonderful,the first picture I made one like that from an old pattern clipped out that I bought on eBay they called it pineapple :) if it is done in red it could be a strawberry too:)