Monday, July 27, 2015


Well, unfortunately nothing too terrible interesting occurred over the weekend to give me much to do. Instead it was a quiet family weekend with errands to run and movies to see with friends. The only craft I got up to until Sunday was this felted art kit I mentioned before. There is something therapeutic about all the stabbing necessary to make felted stuff and this was no exception. Once I'd finished the picture, I picked up a cheap, blank canvas bag and sewed it on. Not that I needed any more bags, but I'll put it to use anyway and even more importantly it gave me something to accomplish for the weekend.

On late Saturday I got a request to make up some small black tatted hearts for my same wonderful customer who had me make some small red ones not too long ago. It's not a huge project, but it gave me some tatting to do yesterday and I have just a little more to finish today. After that's done I'm hoping for something to fall out of the sky as usual, because I am truly at the end of my projects. So many things are just waiting for some criteria to be fulfilled before I can get back to them. I need to sell some RPL before I make more, I need another pair of bobbins before I make more, I need more tatting to sell so I have something to remake, or I need an idea or request so I can make something new. I'm on the edge of a thread knife here, just waiting.

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