Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Yikes, am I wiped out this morning. No, I didn't stay up late or go out and adventure. What I did do was go outside for a couple of hours yesterday evening to watch the eclipse and the air was full of crap. By crap, I mean it was an extremely high pollen count day and allergy medication was no match for it. This is why I can't make Spring my favorite season, it can't be a favorite if I can't breath, but what I wanted to share, is we did watch the eclipse and while we were busy watching a projection, I had my phone streaming video of it from Nevada where they got the whole annularity, ring of fire thing. We were too far off the center line to get that, but it was one heck of a partial eclipse with a nice eerie glow outside and plenty of weird shadows to play with. The picture is from early int he event, we were out there for quite some time and even saw the end of it as the sun came through the blinds and projected little eclipse shadows on the wall.

So what of the rest of the weekend, you ask? Well, I did get the reticule properly photographed and listed. There are some nice closeup photos in the listing too, if you're interested in a closer look or just want to gasp at the price point I ultimately chose.

After that was listed, I tried to think of another big project. I flipped through books for inspiration and I even worked a couple of random patterns to see if something would click. I ended up going simple instead. I made up a simple vine type edging that I had just worked up as a square motif. It's nothing too interesting or complex, but I think that was the point. I needed something to make and complete in one sitting and this most assuredly fit that criteria. I made up two of them, one in black and one in Iris purple.

I haven't had a sale in the shop in almost a full week, so I literally stop tatting after I got those two necklaces made. I am uninspired and unmotivated by circumstances to work on anything. Someone suggested I get back to the gloves I tried to make so long ago, so I pulled them out, stared at them for a spell and remembered why I had stopped. The creative brick wall on those is still standing quite strong. This week is the other daughter's birthday and subsequent birthday party. It is also her last full week of school. There are a few days next week and then we are on vacation...sort of. It just means my job shifts from teacher to entertainment organizer. Honestly, I think the teaching might be easier. So I start the week exhausted and I will likely end it the same way.

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