Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Fever

The thing about having a nice family gathering on a Sunday night is, no matter how early they early in the evening they leave the premises, you are left a bit wiped out with no more days in the weekend to recover from it. This is especially true when that family contains eight children between the ages of 5 and are they loud, and a bit insane. Other than that though, the weekend was fairly calm and mostly relaxing. I had an order come in on Friday and then nothing else the rest of the weekend. I was inspired to remake a couple of pieces I had been stalling on because I finally got feedback from the customer who bought one of them. When they're complimentary it reminds me that other people might like that piece as well and it gives me the kick I need to get back into production mode.

I really wish I had more to share, but I didn't even touch the bag project all weekend and most of the other things I did this weekend involved manual labor like adding a fresh coat of stain to the kids play set outside. Definitely not a glamorous task. I don't have much planned for this upcoming week either. The oldest has her end of the year gathering tomorrow though we technically have about two and half weeks of schooling left. Next week is her birthday and the subsequent party and then the next week we may be having house guests for a few days. I kind of feel like I'm just riding out the end of school being as noncommittal as possible. Maybe I should think about some big project to tackle when it's finally wrapped for the year...or maybe I could look forward to that extra free time in the mornings. Clearly I have some sort of Spring fever issue that is seriously affecting my productivity. Here's to getting back into gear, getting some work done and giving the Universe a good reason to keep right on giving.

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