Thursday, May 31, 2012

Waste A Day

And it is done. Well, actually it's more like they are done. I managed a wholly productive day. First there was the last day of school which consisted of tests for history, math and science. She knocked them out so quickly that I was done and tatting in no time. Then I tatted and tatted and tatted some more. Seriously, I think that I was tatting for six or seven hours straight with time off for lunch. Normally I say that I tat all day, but that's often an interrupted activity. On any given day I still manage to take care of children, keep the house relatively livable and waste a fair amount of time with random internet silliness all while tatting on and off. Not yesterday. I was determined to not only finish the medallion order, but also the custom order that came in right after I wrote yesterday. I was successful in that quest. That also means I did little of anything else and the house looks like a kid based hurricane hit it.

So that brings us to today. Since I worked so non-stop I have nothing interesting to show you. I don't even have a new bruise picture. Not that you need to see another of those... ever. Since these last two orders were custom pieces, I don't even have anything to remake today. Today is a blank slate and at this moment I really don't know what I'm going to write. If I could take naps I just do that all day, but since I can't I might just find something lazy to do and pretend I'm back in school and it's my first day of vacation. I used to know how to really waste a day.

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