Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Last Anklet

Let's see, what did I actually accomplish yesterday? Well, I managed to get the last anklet photographed and listed. I think that's going to be it on the anklets at least until I actually sell one. On a side note, if you look at the picture larger, you can see my awesome nail polish. It's magnetic and I just discovered it existed. You hold a magnet over the polish when it's wet and the iron particles align into patterns. It's like nail polish with *science*. Hush... it's fun.

I also managed to get one sold piece made as well as get some of the cleaning that needs to be done, done. The rest of the day I just tried to stay in out of the wind. I love wind, but even the weather service put out an unsafe air quality announcement because the air was so full of crud, so I knew if I wanted to keep breathing I must stay in. The wind is supposed to be less chaotic today which is good since we'll be off to the zoo for my daughter's birthday. That also means there will likely be no tatting to tell of tomorrow, but maybe you'll get some zoo pictures. Oh, and you'll want to see what I did to both girl's hair yesterday. I don't have any pictures yet, so I'll just save the story for tomorrow too. Of course that means that I have nothing left to share today, so that's it for me then. Have a nice day.

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