Friday, May 25, 2012

A Day At The Zoo

As predicted it was a tatting free day and not only that it was a completely non-stop day as well. We don't skimp on kids birthdays around here. We were up and out the door early headed for the zoo a few towns over. We spent many hours there and had quite a pleasant time especially after the zillions of school groups had gone. Seriously it was like an ant invasion, there were everywhere, but luckily only for the first couple of hours. After that the zoo was practically empty and the girls got their run of the place. They're actually posing for their dad here which is why they're not looking at my camera, but this exemplifies them so well.

Also it is here that I pause to show you what I did to their hair on Wednesday. Yes, I did that to both of them. Yes, I had to bleach the hair first. They both ended up wanted red even though I got pink for the youngest and they can always go purple or blue if they want. The piece of hair we dyed is under the part for both of them, but it's much more obvious on the oldest which is why you get her picture. Also it was her birthday and she is clearly quite happy with it. I'm currently waiting for the first, 'You're a horrible mother for doing that to their hair!' I'm certain it's coming, I'll be patient.

The rest of the day was spent shopping at stores we don't have in town like Toys R Us and a JoAnn's that makes ours look like a stand at the swap meet. The children came home with a couple of toys and adventures under their belt. The day wasn't quite done though. Once we were back in town it was a couple errands and out to dinner and then ice cream. By the time we were home for good it was almost time for bed. I managed to quickly get the Wunderkammer scheduled up and answer a few emails, but that was it. To demonstrate my level of exhaustion, we turn to the king of sleep, the sloth, who according to the zoo keeper, sleeps about 20 hours a a tree. Are you jealous? I kind of am.


staci said...

My $.02 - I think you are a pretty awesome mom for letting them have streaks. What's it going to do, change their moral fiber? Nope. And it might just spark their creativity and individuality. Win - Win.

Marty said...

Oh, let me say it! It's not good for baby hair. There I said it -- now I've got to say it's sooooo cute!

Fiona Clark said...

I wish my mother did that to my hair as a kid