Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost Done

It was another nose to the grindstone sort of days. There was laundry and dishes, checking on the plants and schooling. When I wasn't doing all of that, I was working on the last pieces that still needed remaking for the shop and I finished, I think all but one of them. Once all that was done, I thought about making something new, maybe a one off, but the thought of having to not only come up with something new to make, but also to photograph it and get it listed was quite frankly, exhausting. Then I remembered the reticule.

I was bopping around etsy looking for a bit of embellishment inspiration when I ran across a newly listed tatted one and I was a bit bummed that I was beaten to the punch. It's a completely different pattern of course, but it is similar in shaping. I'm still going to finish mine though and since the one already listed looks like it was priced based on time to create as well, I won't feel so bad about listing it. I still need to finish sewing in the lining which is just muslin. I did think about going with silk, but I think muslin is actually more usable. Sure you can put your gloves in a silk bag, but your keys and cellphone? I did make a nice double drawstring out of crochet chains instead of ribbons too. That means there's no color contrast there, but I think the lining will take care of that. Then I'll buckle down and decide on the perfect embellishments to the design. Right now I'm thinking about a chain tassel off the bottom and then maybe I go back and add a beaded edge on top.

We have the an end of the school year thing to go to for the oldest this morning which should take up a decent part of the day and then hopefully I can get much of this bag stuff done. Once that's off my plate I'll need something else to fill the big project void, so dear Universe, I'll need a great idea or a big custom order. Either will work or course, only one of them does pays better and it's been a slow month so far.

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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

This is so beautiful, I have been watching it develop and it is just absolutely beautiful! the color is perfect and so is the design, and it isn't like any of the other tatted bags out there. Really love it. Good job!