Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Task

I started yesterday completely on task. I had a bracelet to remake and I went straight to work on it even before the days schooling.  When that was over for the day it occurred to me that Mother's Day and my sister's birthday were this weekend and perhaps I could make some things for my mom, sister and mother-in-law. Don't worry, they don't read my blog, but I won't spoil it with too much information...just in case. So I went to work making them some tatted items. It was taking a wee bit longer than I had intended and I had to stop to remake a bracelet that sold during the day. I actually ended up taking the bracelet with me to our Monthly comic book store round table thing and finishing it there. I'm glad I brought it too because there were fewer people and thus less entertainment than usual.

I never got around to picking up the reticule at all yesterday and I still have one last gift piece to make up. So those are the two tasks on hand for today. I know pretty exciting huh? Oh, before I forget, if anyone out there reading this saw my story about the production company that was looking for an antiques, oddities or history expert for their show and thought to themselves, 'I'd like to do that', shoot me an email. My address in in my blogger profile and I'll get you the information. After I replied to the email with a friendly, 'well, not me, but if I can help in any way', I was asked if I could share it with my online circle. I know a few of you out there meet those criteria pretty well, so I'm sharing. I guess that could count as an opportunity than I can actually take advantage of. Not really all that amazing for me, but why whine and spoil the streak. Dear Universe, today I'll request a great idea or a custom order. Hey, I'm not going to stop asking until it completely stops working.

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