Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Exactly What I Was Hoping For

Let's see, I started yesterday with a large measure of stalling. The mask I needed to finish is white and there is just so much more effort when working with white thread. I can't scratch my nose, I need to make sure my hands stay extra clean and I have to constantly shoo away very persistent cats with various shades of contaminating fur. So I stalled until after schooling when I could prepare my area. I got that finished and I managed to get pictures and list a pair of lace maille ankle corsets. These ones were meant to be a special order for someone who was going to come back for them. I didn't want to be rushed when and if they did so I made them between other projects. Yes, I should know better. Clearly they changed their mind, so I listed them instead. They're the same as my other pair expect without ten tons of crystals sewn into them.

After that there was more stalling as I was trying to think of something more interesting to do. It was at this point that I got the opportunity I asked for in the blog yesterday morning. I should have been more specific in my request however since it was an opportunity that I not only didn't fit, but would never be able to do anyway. In case you're curious it was a production company casting for one of those Pawn Stars sort of shows, I got the email because of my work on the Wunderkammer. Sure it would be flattering expect they're looking for people with antiques and history expertise and they want said persons to travel the country buying antiques and oddities. I have no such expertise and I homeschool two kids, so clearly they aren't really looking for someone like me, but it was surely an unexpected opportunity.

I did get back to the reticule in the evening finally finishing the second round and starting on the first round of the top edge. In the prototype I made three rounds on the top for that frilled look so I still have a way to go. Then there will be the lining and a few embellishments I think. I also got one sale yesterday so I do have one thing I can remake as well. Then since we are at the end of the blog I will more specifically ask for an amazing project or opportunity that I can feasibly take advantage know, something actually within the realm of possibility. That would be awesome Universe, thanks.

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