Thursday, May 17, 2012


If it's possible I think that the warm weather is sucking the life or perhaps just the energy out of me. I did get all the orders in queue completed yesterday, but that's about it. Then my nieces were over in the afternoon to play with their cousins and I couldn't have gotten anything of consequence done even if I wanted to. Of course it could just be that I'm feeling a bit burned out again. I can see the finish line for the child's schooling and since that will eventually result in boredom for the household I'm brainstorming things to keep them busy that won't overtax me either. Sometimes staying at home is rough.

Let's see what else can I over share? Oh yes, the rash is still with me and if the Internet is to be believed and it is an allergy based rash, it could be with me for two to three weeks! Seriously. Anything else? Ummm, not really. I'll get a couple of thing remade today and hopefully get back to the reticule. I do want to actually finish it some time before I stop caring about it. Then I don't know what I'll get up to. People keep asking for a video of the barefoot sandals being made and though I think that's far too long a video to make, there might be something to be said for doing one on the very center motif as joining that last ring to the first one seems to be a stumbling block for a lot of people. Problem is, I don't really feel like doing one right now, so I probably won't and I shouldn't have brought it up at all. And now I have nothing else to share so I'll just move on with my day. Sorry for wasting your time.


** jess! ** said...

It's probably more the sun that is sucking the life out of you... which puts an interesting twist on the whole Twilight's sparkly vampire thing, right? haha

Meg said...

You're not alone - I don't have much energy either. But I think I'm just not a warm-weather person; I'm much more energetic in the winter.

About the rash, a suggestion - there's a homeopathic cream I've used for itchy rashes that has always worked well for me. It's called Florasone. It would probably be available only at a place like Whole Foods, if you have one nearby, but it's reasonably priced and, being homeopathic, is mild - which is why I like it. (Disclaimer: I've never had to use it over a large area, and I don't know how big your rash is, but if it's small - maybe it would help.) I hope you feel better soon.