Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It certainly was a long day around these parts. We were up and schooling early so we could finish before we all headed to the park for the end of year thing that included an awards ceremony. The child received a gold award for progress, one for study island a test prep site and finally one for perfect attendance. I're wondering who doesn't get perfect attendance when they're homeschooled? Well, you'd be surprised how many people forget to mark attendance or let their kids have a full sick day. Even when mine is sick she does school. I mean it's not like she needs to get out of bed to read a book or listen to a history lesson. While we were out I got two good sized orders in the shop, both having pieces that need to be made so that's what  started on when we were finally home( Thanks Universe).

I also apparently brought home a rash from the park. I have seasonal allergies as well as one to some kinds of grasses, which ones I cannot say, but usually they just result in hives. Those are annoying, but quite temporary, this rash is still with me this morning. Of course I attempted to self diagnose with the internet and it seems that it's quite possible that those seasonal or grass allergies have just evolved to include a rash. It also seems that I could use an antihistamine to fight it, but do you know what I don't have in the house? Yep. So I'm terribly itchy and I know you didn't need to know that, so here's a picture of cats to counter the over sharing.

Today I'll be working on the order I got yesterday so I can hopefully get them out tomorrow morning and if I finish early I'll get back to the reticule. That should keep me pretty busy and that is all I ask. Well, that and the rash to go away. I would like to continue to be busy and free from itching.

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