Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last Day

Ah, sweet relief. Here we are at the last day of schooling for the year. I remember the first year of home schooling and my wide eyed optimism. I was going to keep it going through the summer because who needs all that vacation time? Turns I do, she does and we all do. It also turns out that once you start homeschooling your brain goes to a different place where everyday things become mini lessons without any effort and the children actually enjoy that type of constant learning. So aside from casual reading and some serious math flash card practice over the summer, formal learning is over until August. I feel I need to celebrate...not for her, but me. It's been a long year.

In tatting news I did get that custom order I mentioned yesterday so I was busy all day making large medallions. I enjoy the pattern, but I had forgotten how long it takes to make, so they'll be at least another day of them if not a couple. I also got to experiment when I realized that I only had mauve, one of the requested colors, in size 20, not size 10 thread. I don't have enough time to order up some so I decided to double up the thread and see if it would work up to a comparable size. Well, it took some tight tension, but it did. I was also reminded as I continued to work with the other colors that they all work up slightly differently despite their 'uniform' size. I'm using six different colors for the order in three different brands and even the ones in the same brand are slightly different. I'm just crossing my fingers that the customer isn't looking for exact replicas in all of them.

After the husband got off work we headed out for another short family bike ride. On one hand it's much easier now that we're not running behind kids with bikes. On the other, going incredibly slow behind the five year old is not surprisingly incredibly hazardous with all the weaving to stay on balance and whatnot. Again I whacked my calf with the pedal. Since I don't have any lace pictures for you, you can see what my calf is looking like now. Oh, and keep in mind that there are a couple of other small ones surrounding these as well. They are really lovely, no?

So today then. Well, I'll still be working on the medallion order once school is wrapped and I just got a custom request in the shop, so if that purchase gets made I'm right onto that. Then I'm going to find some way to celebrate the last day of school if it kills me.


Anonymous said...

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TotusMel said...

Thank you for asking. Yes, you may use my designs to make things for gifts.

Anonymous said...

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