Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free Pattern: Tatted Lace Corsage Bracelet

I'm not certain why I got it in my head to release a pattern yesterday, but I did. Even before I started schooling for the day i was hard at work making up the sample piece so I could take pictures the entire time. I know I could just publish the pattern, but I really do love the format at Instructables that allows a much more comprehensive approach so that even non-tatters can give it a go. I didn't finish writing it up until well into the afternoon, but it is published now. You can find my newest free pattern here: Tatted Lace Corsage Bracelet. The link has also been added to the sidebar with my other free patterns. The reason I chose to do this one was because a few days ago someone had asked for it in order to make a gift. Of course I didn't have it written up, but I really had no objection regarding this pattern. I suppose I felt it was the perfect excuse to get something new up. Please do let me know if I've made any mistakes or anything.

In other news, I also managed to get both the new Peter Pan collar necklaces listed. In fact I felt rather too productive for the day even though all I did was get photos taken since the camera was out anyway. I was pretty proud that they looked like they were supposed to when worn. Sometimes I'm just not sure I got it right until its really too late to back out. Once all this nonsense was taken care of I even got back to remaking things. I got some supplies in the mail that I needed to remake one piece, so I worked on that. If I hadn't had an allergy induced headache most of the day, I would have been extraordinarily happy, but I did so I was merely pleased.

Today promises to be a much less productive day. We have the last face to face teacher meeting of the year with our homeschooling teacher this morning. They're always pleasant and relatively short, but it throws my precious schedule off a bit. I'll likely use the rest of the day for more remaking and perhaps thinking on my next possible project. No, I have no new ideas, just trying to seed them by putting that out there in the Universe.


Carol said...

Isn't it wonderful to have productive days? I'm glad you got so much done. I LOVE your bracelet! I'm going to have to try and give it a go. May I ask, do you think it would be possible to make something similar into a necklace to match it or at least coordinate with it?
When does your homeschooling end? We'll be done the last week of May. Do you do charter school? My sister was doing that with her kids for a little while. Are your homeschooling laws pretty strict there?
Anyway, have a great day. I hope you don't have to suffer through another allergy headache day today.

TotusMel said...

@Carol, Sure I actually made a matching necklace by making three of the center pieces and then the end pieces and an adjustable clasp. Homeschooling ends the last week of May for us as well and we go through an online public school so we have to follow all the same attendance and testing rules too.

Carol said...

I can't believe it's this close to the end of the school year!
Thank you for letting me know how to make the necklace for it. Rosette's are one of my favorite things to tat lately and I love your pattern.
Have a great day!

Trouble said...

WOW I love the bracelet!!!!

Luv Jane XX

jenilin said...

I love your work local honey helps with allergies would love to win the bracelet

goudenregen said...

Thanks for the pattern! I am going to give it a try.

wonderjunkie said...

Wow!! I have wanted to buy this bracelet for a long time--as you know, I'm a huge fan of your work, and you are the reason I taught myself how to needle tat. I eagerly await the new wonders you create--it's a bright spot in my email day! I love the "Grand Daisy" necklace--always have--but love just about everything you do! I'd love to see you attempt "block tatting" with a needle. I have some old german patterns i can't understand--but love the images, which i can send you if you want. Thanks for all you do!