Friday, May 11, 2012

The Universe Gives

Seriously, you're not going to believe this, but the Universe delivered...again. I was graced with an idea, perhaps not great, but just what I needed to make a nice gift. I can't share that one with you until Monday, just in case, but I had to let you know that it happened. Then my second request was granted with a nice little custom order. It was nothing that was going to keep me busy for days or anything, but it kept me busy yesterday which is all I can really ask right? I don't know what I'm doing right, but I sure hope I can keep it up.

And now because I have nothing better to show or tell you, I present the new shoes I got in yesterday. That's right, I posted a picture of shoes. I'm really too practical to be a real 'shoe person'. I love them, but I need a reason to buy shoes or they must be wearable on a regular basis. While the husband thinks they're ridiculous, they were inexpensive and I'm totally wearing these all the time. This is just another thing I can blame the internet for. There is always someone showing off something awesome and useful and occasionally they do so right when I want or need something like that.

That leaves me this morning with one bracelet to remake and then I can get back to the reticule, you know unless the Universe has other plans for me. I tried to formulate a new request for this morning. I mean, if it's been working so well, shouldn't I up the game and ask for money to rain down from the skies or something? I decided that it really is better to stay where possible things live and to treat this like an experiment in positive thinking. So this weekend, I'd like pleasant company, a bit of relaxation and an especially interesting customer in the shop. Oh, and for everyone out there that remotely believes all these Universe requests are working, I ask that you too get something unexpected and wonderful.


Jane McLellan said...

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for!

Vicky said...

The Universe is still listening! Per your request, I've been getting some unexpected and pleasant things sent my way! Yesterday (Friday), the office next door invited us over for a delicious free lunch at their open house, and someone I'd contacted a long time ago called to make an appointment as a new patient! He's coming in today. The in-laws called yesterday, too, saying they want to take us out to dinner at my favorite greek restaurant that I can't dream of affording to eat at on my own. And Monday is looking to be a great day, too, with the most patients I've seen in one day to date! (I'm a new chiropractor building my practice.) Keep it coming, Universe! It'd be great if you could find me & my fiance a way to afford a trip to Arizona to see my sister & help her celebrate the birth of her first baby! (She'll be born any day now! So excited!)

Vicky said...

Well, the universe offered an option for me to get to Arizona for cheaper, but we still can't really afford the trip. I'll still count it as the universe listening, though!