Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That Was Unexpected

Well, it wasn't a spectacular day, but I asked for unexpected and I got two nuggets of unexpected. First, one of those custom inquires I mentioned returned and after some discussion an order was placed giving me a custom mask to make. You know I've sent my pieces to all sorts of interesting people to go all sorts of interesting places. It's a true pleasure to imagine the life some of these things get to have after they leave my hands even when I haven't been told any story. This custom mask request did come with a story though and it is going to be part of a living statue. See, that's unexpected. So that mask was my task much of yesterday and it will be today as well.

Now onto the other unexpected thing. This one was another story and it was posted on my facebook page wall. Since that's already pretty public, I hope it's okay that I share it here as well...and I quote:
"Flew from Bellingham, Wa to Bloomington In to see my son graduate from college....took my tatting along (yes they allow it on airplanes, now). All I brought with me was black thread, so when I got here, stopped by the yarn store for more color. Nothing....said to the owner, "Just need something to tat with". "What's tat?" The little clerk spoke up, "This is tatting", and showed off her beautiful necklace. Asked if she had found it on Etsy...."yep"...."by TotusMel?"...."Yep!"
You're getting around!"
I have to say that I was, to borrow a British phrase, a bit gobsmacked. A few years ago I went to The Maker Faire in San Mateo and was recognized by a few people who had seen me on the internet and this is kind of like that only without me actually being there.  It's weird, but also wonderful and most assuredly unexpected.

Since yesterday's plea for unexpected things bore fruit I think I'm going to ask for an amazing project or opportunity today. It could work two days in a row...you never know, right? As a fall back I still have the bag to work on once the mask is complete, so no harm in throwing that out into the Universe. We'll alliteratively call it the power of positive posting.


Fox said...

Lovely story!
Fox : ))

StringyDogs said...

That is so much fun! Few people recognize my tatting or realize that it is not crochet...

If my wishes were being granted, I would ask for a winning lotto ticket! Perhaps this is why yours do come true-you ask for more possible things. ;-)