Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh, Weekends

I tried to come up with a phrase to describe the weekend as an opening line to the blog. Trouble is, the weekend was so all over the place, I really have nothing that works in my vocabulary. The German probably have a word for it, but I don't speak German. Of course, that's neither here nor there, I shall just break the weekend down by days instead. Friday was quiet with the kids spending a long afternoon with Grandma. I tatted, watched bad movies on television and got little done. I was working on the reticule since I had no other tasks. The shop is getting really slow so I'm happy to have a large unwieldy project to work on. I figured out the bottom bit and doubled the height, so even after working on it off and on all weekend, I'm still only maybe halfway done.

On Saturday we left the house around 10:30 to go to an early lunch and catch a showing of The Avengers. Yes, it was am awesome movie completely worth waiting in line for. Then to cap off the comic book spectacular we headed down to the comic book shop. It was Free Comic Book Day and not only were some of our lovely friends who we see much less than we would like there, but we also got our copy of the new Dark Crystal Novel doodled in and signed by Alex Sheikman. Of course when I say 'doodled' I really mean a gorgeous sketch done so quickly and expertly it's crazy. I am so jealous of that kind of talent, but I digress again. After that we headed home and rested up a bit, but the day was really over by that point.

Sunday we opted for yard work. After a normal Sunday morning we headed outside to work on plants and then I got the crazy idea to stain the kids play set. The paper wasps have been at it since we put it up a couple of years ago. I only meant to test a bit of it, but then got into the project and kept going. This left me tired, sore...and oh, so very sun burned. Ah, the first sun burn of the year, it there anything else, uncomfortable. The job isn't even done yet. The whole top half that will require a ladder to complete waits for another day and on that day, I will wear sunscreen and a hat.

So what awaits this week? I really don't know. I've fielded a couple of custom inquiries, but haven't heard back, so I'm not holding my breath there. I guess I'll keep working on the bag knowing I probably won't even put it up for sale because the price will have to be way too much for something that appears so simple. Here's hoping for something unexpected and pleasant to occur today and the rest of the week. I need a jolt of unexpected about now.

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