Monday, August 1, 2011

Lizzy's Diamonds

Well here we are again at Monday. Let's see what did I manage to accomplish over the last few days? On Friday I asked the twitterverse what I should make and I was asked to make a pair of barefoot sandals in a shade of brown. Usually that sort of request would have been met with a literal response of me making an existing design in the new color. This time it inspired a new one entirely. This one is a barefoot sandal that has some of the same aspects as the ankle corsets. Much of the design is higher and it ties closed with a ribbon. The first pair also immediately sold to the lovely customer that suggested working with brown in the first place. I did get another pair made, but that represents the whole of my Friday.

I was initially terribly excited to have my book review post on Saturday morning. Then I was disappointed with the lack of obvious attention. I don't know why I expected many comments on the review since I don't get all that many comments in the first place, but I suppose I can blame the Internet. It has created a culture where we need feedback on everything and if we don't get it we doubt the worth of whatever we wrote or created. Though I think the Internet has another lesson on this point as well. Bad things get a hell of a lot more obvious attention that anything that doesn't rise to the level of amazing. So I choose to believe that the lack of response is a general, 'it was okay'. If you didn't get a chance to read it and you care to, it's here.

Saturday also brought a sale I had all but given up on. I had received a request for wholesale a couple weeks ago I think. Since I don't do wholesale, I responded with an offer of a coupon code for a discount if they bought a certain quantity and they accepted. Then nothing until yesterday when the purchase was made. It wasn't horrible huge, but big enough that I have well over a dozen pieces that will need remaking. Which is what I mostly spent Sunday doing. I did also pull out the sewing machine to mod a couple of t-shirts and maul my thumb with said machine while I was explaining it's use to my four year old. Ooh, and I also dyed my hair and dropped the base of my hooded hair dyer on my foot just almost breaking a toe this time. I know, you're wondering how I haven't killed myself with a tatting needle or something yet. I really have no idea how I survive.

So today I have a level ton of tatting to get on with. There's the remaking from the bulk order and I also sold one of the newest masks, the unembellished one, so that's in the pile to be done as well. There is also the chance that the online school has loaded in it's new lessons for the year today. Even though school doesn't start until the 15th, I still like to get a jump on things and at least see what silly supplies they want me to buy. I'd even like to actually get started on some of it so we can ease back into it and get a bit of a cushion built up. I also expect a bunch of things in the post tomorrow including some of the supplies I ordered so I might be able to get the new necklace idea I mentioned last week worked up then. I'm already tired just thinking about the next few days.


CrochetBlogger said...

Love the barefoot sandal!

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

been off line a bit, grats on the book review :) and I love love love the barefoot sandles1 excellent colors and I really like the new pattern :) good job :)

Jennifer Lu said...

wow, you've been busy. Who could ever think you sit around all day? I'm so impressed with all you get done and love the window into your creative process. Thank you for sharing.

rivercitylizzy said...

The sandals arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon, hooray!! And as usual, more gorgeous in person than pics can convey ;) Thank you!