Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Chains And Crystals

Everything was neatly done in order of importance as it was scheduled. My, but that sounds like it was a horribly dull was, mostly. I had other tasks to get on with as well, there was laundry and a bit of cleaning, but most of the morning was devoted to completion of a pair of barefoot sandals made ever so slightly larger.

Once those were done it was back to staring at the new cuff and deciding that a crisscross of chain would do the trick. I still think that a nice square piece of metal would look awesome there, but since I'm not a metal worker and I don't currently have any links like that on hand, this remains the current version. Perhaps it will gain a cousin in the future with the imagined bits.

I also took the time to out together a second charm necklace. I haven't photographed or listed this one yet. That will be on tap for today. I know I mentioned a slave bracelet a few times, but I still haven't gotten properly motivated to work out the significant adjustments needed to make the design work on a wrist. I'm sure I'll get around to it sometime.

The only other fun thing I did yesterday was play with my new hot fox crystal applicator. I recently acquired a ...we'll call it a unique t-shirt that I already modified to fit my small frame. Since it was crying out for bling, I decided to add this little goody and some crystals to my last supply order. It is oddly addictive and I kept searching for something else to add crystals too. I might try adding them to a bit of scrap lace just to see how they hold up as it is way easier than sewing on montees. Of course the montees are way nicer looking, so it likely won't replace them at all. Most likely my daughters will end up with sparkly skulls or other such nonsense on their belongings. Hey, at least its not a bedazzler...this is a grown ups toy, I mean tool.

So today I have the charm necklace to get listed and after that I find myself again without direction. Sure, the house could use some cleaning, but it's hard to look forward to that. Hopefully today will see an order or two that gives me something to tat. Well that or perhaps some unexpected inspiration.

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