Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scarf And Crest

Well, there are no new injuries to report in the household, so there's a plus for the day. The Husband did stay home from work to keep his foot up and it seems likely that he'll be taking another sick day today which is fine, I'd rather he heal up than re injure himself.

It looks like I won't be getting my thread order in until Wednesday or Thursday which leaves me with some free time. No, I didn't work on masks like I should have. Instead once schooling was over for the day, I rolled up another skein of hand dyed sock yarn and started on a scarf. I looked back and I've sold more scarves than I thought, so I suppose it isn't a waste of time to make them. This one is just a simple vintage edging. I didn't feel like working up any of my previous designs as most of them require a lot of cutting and hiding ends and I wanted something that worked up with less thought and effort.

I got about halfway through the scarf when I saw I tweet that gave me another idea. It was someone pointing out that as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, they were making pink jewelry in September. I actually had my awareness ribbon bracelet out on the table to measure it for a customer a few days ago and thought it would be neat to make something new with the split ring ribbon motif. At first I tried a heart, the first was wasn't quite right so I switched gears. I'm certain I could have made the heart work and I might still go back to it, but Instead I used the clover motifs from the bracelet to make what I'm calling a ribbon crest.

I made it up in black first and once I was sure it was going to work, I made this one here with a medium pink ribbon. I finished it late, so I didn't show it around yet, but I will today and see what the general consensus is about the design. It could either be a simple pendant hung from the center or I could add chain to the top side clovers to make a more finished necklace. I guess I'll figure that all out today as my shop totally went back to sleep. I'm also not sure whether I should just list it now or save it until October. Who am I kidding I have no patience for waiting, it'll likely be up as soon as I suss out the chain situation. I guess it will be another wide open day as far as projects are concerned. Nothing on the plate, so I'll probably work on the scarf for a wile and once that's done, I'll list both it and the chainmaille one. It may be ridiculously hot here, but I hear tale that fall is coming. Maybe I'll make a red ribbon crest as well. See, I don't have a clue how the day will play, so I guess we'll just go with the flow.

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