Monday, August 8, 2011

Interwoven Insanity

I am so the biggest liar ever. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but that motif which I soundly put to bed as useless Friday morning...well, it wasn't. Apparently I just need to sleep on it because when I laid eyes on the piece later that morning not only did the solution appear, but it avalanched into a weekend long love affair. After the black version came alive, I decided that the three separate motifs would be best served by color variations. The first here is two shades of purple, a Lizbeth and a flora and black. Since the motifs themselves are so simple they work up quick until the finishing bits, but even those are just a little fiddly.

On Saturday I went to my old standby, the sepia tones. Yes, fancy browns. These ones are all Lizbeth...I had just gotten a new thread order in the mail in the morning. I was quite enjoying the graduated tones when I asked facebook what other color combinations they would like. One response was, 'bright colors'. You know I'm not usually drawn to the bright ones and when I am, outside the confines of a custom order, they rarely sell, but I was having a good time making so I went with it.

I chose primary colors and when I was about halfway through I couldn't help but think of Superman...or Wonder Woman. You might not be aware of this, but I am a bit of a comic book geek married to a way bigger comic book geek, so the idea of superheroes and villains represented in colored lace, well it grabbed hold quick. Soon, I had a second one done in honor of Batman and then I mentioned my project to the husband...he approved. Then he began relentlessly providing color combinations for a long list of characters and start lamenting my lack of speed to complete them all.

None of the new ones have been properly photographed nor listed as I just put down one and started another. Feel free to guess who they represent, but if you stop by my facebook page, the guessing has already been done and was quite an amusing romp for me. Yes, there are more waiting to be made and put into a  new 'Heroes and Villains' section in the shop. I'm currently having another run of custom inquiries that lead nowhere so I suppose I'll keep on these for a spell. There's also just one last key to put onto a charm necklace too, so I might get that done today as well.

I shall leave you today when a bit of wisdom I had to remember the hard way last night. If the other person drinking a strong bottle of wine with you over dinner doesn't like the wine...don't take upon yourself to finish the bottle after eating only a couple of slices of pizza. Sure, I'm fine this morning and the kids thought I was funny, but it really was not my best idea. I just thought I'd put that out as a 'see how awesomely stupid I can be' moment to start your week with a bit of a laugh. Did it work?


Eliz (tatknot) said...

A great design. So glad you are having so much fun with it.

Weronika said...

black-white-gray one is my fav!

EKS said...

Yes, it worked! Why is it we always like to hear bout the silly things others do? Guess, for me at least, it makes me feel like maybe i am not the only one, lol! I love the new cuff-you are very creative and I enjoy seeing what you do with all these antique patterns. Quite inspiring! Have a great week!