Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Charm Necklace

A morning of tatting and I'm all caught up on remaking for the shop. Around lunch time my last bit of supplies for the new necklace arrived. I got that put together as quickly as possible and listed the first one. I did get rid of the filigree bit I tatted around and instead went with a simple black stone. The whole idea is to list a few of these with all of them being slightly different. The charms on the bottom two chains will likely remain the same, but the top will be different and the chains will have different finishes. Of course this is the only one I've made so far, well aside from the one I wear anyway. I had been wary of making something like this for the shop in the past for fear that the tatting couldn't stand up to all the abuse of daily wear with chains rubbing against it. I can happily report after wearing mine daily for quite some time, the lace shows no damage. Maybe next I'll wear a charm bracelet and see if it can handle that kind of absurd abuse.

After that was done I started playing with another antique pattern. I liked the picture better than the actual instructions so I ended up writing my own stitch counts and worked up a sample to see if it would work as a cuff bracelet. This is just that sample piece here. I was seeing if adding a bit of chain in the middle would add that little bit of fancy that I like. Since I did decided that I liked it, I went ahead and worked up a final piece though I'm still playing with the chain idea. On one hand I think it needs something, but I'm not totally in love with the look at this point. I may play with suspending something else in the open spaces before I finalize the design.

Late yesterday I received an order for a custom size pair of barefoot sandals, so that's the task on tap for today. If it gets done in a timely fashion, then I'll work on the cuff some more. Then there's always another multi-chain charm necklace that can be made. It's nice to have tasks all lined up and ready to go without a sense of urgency.

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