Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, thank you! The happy birthday comments I received both here and all over my other internet haunts were numerous and very nice. It was a fairly uneventful birthday what with the schooling and not much else planned, but the wonderful thing is, it wasn't even remotely 'bad'. Nothing went horribly wrong and add that to the lovely Saturday I had in celebration of the birthday and I'd say we broke the bad birthday streak. I was also pleasantly surprised to have a really good day in the shop. Usually when I have a one day sale, I am soundly ignored save for one pity sale, but that was not the case and I have much packing to do this morning. So, thanks for that too.

Aside from birthday stuff, I did get some tatting completed as well. I finished the mask, the custom necklace and I got the hardware on the new circlet/necklace. I didn't get any real photos because I wasn't feeling pretty. I was going to do them this morning, but I feel a cold sore forming just below my lip at this very moment so I might not. There is always editing to get rid of it if it doesn't explode or anything I guess...we'll see.

Since I did make some sales yesterday, I have quite the list of tatting that needs remaking so that will be the task on tap for today and quite likely tomorrow as well. They were all smaller pieces, earrings, bracelets and the like, so it should go pretty quickly. The daughter's class schedule however is much denser this year meaning I will be spending a bit more time on that. On the flip side, she also has more work that she needs to do herself giving me more downtime in between, so perhaps it will just mean more tatting during those times. I don't know what I'll do once both kids are schooling. Oh, I'm sure I'll work it out just fine...I've got another year to figure it out. That's it for me I think. Again, thanks for the birthday love, you helped make this one loads better.

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