Friday, July 29, 2011


You might be surprised to learn that given the choices I had yesterday morning for the days tasks, I went with cleaning first. That's right I buckled down and cleaned my part of our shared computer room. I have desk space now and my only regret is that I am missing a large envelope of  art prints that I assumed I'd find in the mess. If I hadn't cleaned I wouldn't have spent hours looking for and failing to find it.

Then I made the next slightly surprising choice, I read. I finished the book and I immediately began the task of reading other reviews of said book to get a feel for the format. I then decided that the format I saw most used would not work for me. They reminded me of sports announcers with odd bits of trivia about each contributing author and back stories and well, I just don't have that sort of knowledge. So instead, I went with a basic opinion post and wrote it up. I figure if one wants a comprehensive analysis of each element of the book, they have other folks for that. The review will be up on my Wunderkammer blog Saturday morning and I would love it if you guys would pop over there and tell me how I did over the weekend.

I didn't get any tatting done aside form finishing a bracelet early in the morning. I did have a bit of an idea though that led to me making a couple of supply orders. The necklace you see in this horrible photo is the one I have been wearing daily for some time now. Well, that's not entirely true, parts of it are that necklace. You see I have a habit or remaking my jewelry...often. I mean, the pliers and chains are right there next to me, so I tinker. Parts of the necklace were purchased as an entirely different necklace and then I added my tatted medallion to it. The more recent adjustment was the separation of the elements onto different chains. I like it so much like this that I have ordered some keys and crystals to make similar pieces for the shop.

The keys and jump rings will be different than mine, but similar enough to create the same feel. I may also add another small tatted bit on the top chain, but I think I'll wait to work that out when all the supplies have arrived. I also need to figure out a nice average neck size so it actually fits people. I made mine to fit me perfectly and unfortunately, I am not average sized. If I was shopping would be much easier.

So that brings us to the plans for today. Well, they're aren't any really. I could work on the custom pieces in the shop, but at this second I'm not really feeling like it. I suppose I could pull out the grab bag supplies and see if anything inspires me. Yeah, see I have no idea what I'm going to do, but hopefully it'll give me something entertaining to tell you on Monday.

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