Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Little

Such a long day and so little done. I finished exactly one pair of barefoot sandals yesterday and nothing else was tatted. Nothing. Of course there was schooling in the morning then a field trip to the bowling alley in the afternoon. We followed that up with a stop by the in-laws house that lasted longer than anticipated while the husband updated their wireless. At this point we decided that since we'd already been out too long to get a good nap out of the kids, we headed to the Costco. I put forth all of this as my excuse for getting so little done.

I did get an custom request that turned into an actual order in the morning. These are rare events so I like to dwell on them a bit. This one required me to order some golden yellow thread, so while I was at it, I grabbed quite a handful of other colors in Lizbeth and Flora. For someone who works primarily in black, I am getting quite the collection of colors. I have had a thought of getting fully stocked on all the available shades in cebelia, lizbeth and flora so I can just copy their color swatches and put those up as the custom available colors for the shop. I really ought to update that list in the shop anyway...maybe when I get some down time again.

In other news, since I don't have any tatting to show you, I took a picture of all but one of the cats feasting this morning. The seventh cat is our old man cat. He's sitting off to the side as I don't think he like sharing with the kittens. He waits until they've shoved off and goes at all three plates to get his fill. This image is preceded by all of them jumping upon me and mewing, scratching, fighting with each other and generally being obnoxious until I rise to feed them. Now you see why I'm so very awake in the morning.

I shall try to be more productive and on task today. I still have quite a list of small pieces that really ought to be made and in the shop and that list of new ideas isn't getting any closer to being done until I've tackled those. Yeah, I kind of want to go back to bed, that's so not happening.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Thank you for the kitty picture! Your cats are gorgeous. I know about morning/hungry kitties - Vader is awful about getting on me and being persistent in his demands before I'm ready to get out of bed.

Nikki said...

Do they always eat in such a pleasing color pattern?