Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heroes and Villains

Well, it was another boring, but on task day. I've opted to ramp up the child's schooling to full days even though I technically have another week until school officially begins. This keeps me much busier in the morning away from tatting, but having the extra work done gives us an invaluable cushion should anything arise over the year that takes us away from schooling or if she hits a tough spot with anything.

I did get three more superhero inspired colorways worked up though. The first batch of them also got listed. It was quite odd to take pictures for four pieces at the same time, but it certainly resulted in consistent images for them. The new pieces reside in a new 'Heroes and Villains' section in the shop. This new batch will get listed later this morning as well. I know they deviate a lot from my usual style, but I really am enjoying all the color I rarely work with. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that I have any intention of abandoning black. This is merely a sideshow and once I have finished all the characters that are currently running about in my head I will let go of the brightly hued combinations. Oh, if you were wondering these ones represent X-Men, Fantastic Four and The Joker.

I finally had someone return to purchase something they had requested, so today belongs to making a mask. I'm fairly certain that will be the whole of the day, but if I get some extra time, I think I'll make up that charm necklace I said I was going to make yesterday. I also have a ton of cleaning to do in anticipation of a get together we're hosting this weekend. I'm trying to clean a little at a time so it doesn't get overwhelming, but the children are determined to undo such small progress in record time. Oh well, it'll get done one way or another even if that other way is a mas cleaning marathon on Friday, which it will most likely be.

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Jennifer Lu said...

I love these woven color bracelets. They are so fantastic and full of both structure and whimsy. Well done.