Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was horrifyingly bad at staying on task yesterday. Sure I got a few things remade, but the second I needed to fetch a piece so that I could double check the pattern, I got all lazy like and started playing on my phone instead. Since I received an order yesterday for a few pieces as well, I start today as far in the hole with the tatting pile as I did yesterday.

I did get photos of the new piece despite that rather unattractive cold sore exploding on my face. It is quite amazing what the simplest of photo editing tools can do. I got that listed and then stalled some more. Wait, I cleaned up my pile of finished tatting and got it sorted away into their proper bins too. Let's just say it was a quiet tatting day.

Today is the first field trip day for the homeschooling group...class...whatever. Point is, we're going out bowling this afternoon. I still have to get the full day of classes done and so it might be a quiet tatting day today as well. I have high hopes that I can get back on task once we're back though. That to-do list is getting pretty formidable and yesterdays sale added a few larger pieces to it that I really like to have listed at all times.

I have stumbled upon a few sources of inspiration lately that I've tried to note so I can get back to them when my plate is empty again. I've seen several necklaces that I would love to try to recreate the look of in lace and I've been collecting pictures of them. I almost started one just before the birthday orders starting rolling in, but it's on the back burner now. Hopefully next week will be one of creation. Yes, I know we're not even halfway through this week yet, but I'm pretty sure looking forward to next week on this point is a wise idea.

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Carol said...

You homeschool?! That's wonderful!! We homeschool too. I find that with school getting ready to get started for us that I have very little time for trying to get into my tatting. I'm VERY new to tatting (also a 30 something mom, we have 4), I just learned last night how to make chains with a ball and shuttle, I was so impressed with myself! :-) Anyway, I have always been impressed with your work, ever since I started getting into tatting and I just have to say, that you homeschool AND keep up all this tatting AND run an Etsy shop... you are an amazing woman! (and you look like your barely into your 20s). You amaze me, I hope to some day be at your level of organization and even have HALF your talent with tatting! Have a wonderful day!