Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's gonna be one of 'those' posts. Yep, nothing good to share at all. I worked on the ordered mask and I didn't even finish it because we had a family eye doctor appointment in the afternoon and a comic book meeting in the evening. I should have brought the tatting to the meeting, but, well...I didn't.  I did manage to get the last three superhero cuffs listed in the morning though. That will be the last of them until I order up some more thread. In particular I need a gold color to do a few more specific ones that the husband has been hounding my about. Once that last batch has been completed I think I'll probably be done with color for the foreseeable future.

If you were curious about the eye appointment, I've been blind as all get out since I was five years old. I wear contacts and I've managed to let the one pair of glasses I own last over a decade. They are not only less than useful, but currently broken and wired together with jewelry wire. So I have new contacts and glasses coming...they have skulls on them. We also had the youngest get her first exam and the other child learned that she will likely need glasses in the next year or two. I'm glad the doctor gave us some time before we needed to worry about them though. It gives me a nice timeline to work on the child and get her used to the idea. I had a feeling with both our bad eyes there was little chance for the kids to escape with perfect vision, though the youngest does seem fine for the time being.

Anyway, today, it's back to the mask and I sold a pair of barefoot sandals that will need remaking. I'm not even going to assume there is a remote possibility that I get both those tasks done today. Schooling is taking much longer with us doing some online assessments that are apparently kicking my daughter's arse. We are back to those today as she keeps stopping all frustrated and they must get finished. So there you have it, nothing interesting to look at, nor read. I hope that today brings something worth sharing tomorrow.

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Sherry said...

I'm way behind and trying to get caught up on reading your blog... Hey, there are days like this!! I really love your honesty, though, and tellin' it like it is LOL!! I'm still SOOOOO proud of you for homeschooling your children and then doing all the designing, tatting, retatting for resale, etc. Just AMAZING!