Friday, August 5, 2011

This & That

I got a bunch of things into the mail yesterday and found myself at that 'everything is done' phase again. After running errands in the morning I opted to get another of the charm necklaces finished and listed. As you might imagine, the tatting time needed on these is quite minimal, but the assembly does take some time. Toward the end of the day I managed another as well, but that one is not listed. I acquired 5 of the key charms so I stop at 5 of them for the time being anyway. I should actually wait and see if any of them sell before I keep making more, but they really are the perfect sized downtime project.

I spent much of the rest of the day at cleaning and doing some jewelry assembly. I had been getting quite lazy at the finishing as I was working on remaking the last dozen or so pieces. Most of the them were lacking clasps, but that's taken care of now.

Even with all the little tasks I manage to get done, I was still bored for something of substance to do, so I played with some patterns again. This one is another from an Italian magazine that I can't read. I took the basic motif and intertwined three of them. Even though I think it looks neat, I have no idea what to do with them. It might make a cuff it I add some hooks, but it would be a small one. I even thought about joining another set of three long ways, but again I think the diameter would be too small around. I hesitate to adjust the stitch count because that would just make the center space too unwieldy. So here's something to look at that I'm unlikely to use....well, maybe.

Today I have a meeting with my daughter's new home school teacher contact. We had the same one for the last two years so meeting someone new has me a tad nervous, here's hoping that things stay about the same. I really have no idea what I'll be up to with the tatting over the weekend. There are no big plans and I have no projects lined up despite a record number of custom inquiries recently. I answer them, they never return, I get annoyed, but what can you do. Have a great weekend all and I'll talk at you again Monday.

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