Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chainmaille Complete

Yep, I did exactly what I thought I would do yesterday. I schooled, I cleaned a little and when I tatted it was ring after ring of the chainmaille scarf. I kept going until that ball of yarn was so small I couldn't get another ring out of it. I did end up adding a single ring to each end to give it more of a finished look and it ended up being about 3' when laid out and almost 4' when hanging stretched. The rings have a lot of give and movement, but tugging on the outside rings pulls it right back. I still haven't decided whether I should put it in the shop or not. I probably wouldn't wear it, so I suppose I will. I'll ask twitter and facebook about it today and see if anyone has an opinion. Please leave your too, if you have one.

Speaking of the shop, I tried out the idea of a flash sale yesterday. I put my four charm necklaces on sale for five hours. I tweeted, I facebooked and I got nothing out of the deal. There was a little increased traffic yesterday, but I think that most of that came from this Russian blog where my mask Instructable is translated. I just discovered that one a few days ago in my stats for my etsy shop ans it's been steadily sending eyes to the shop.

Just as I was getting ready for bed last night, one of those custom order inquiries turned into an order for three large pieces all in a sapphire blue. So today's task is set before me. I need to pick the best blue to match the request and immediately order more of it since I only have one ball of most shades and I'm fairly certain that it will not stand up to all three of these pieces or if it does there will be none left at the end. I should be tatting this order for a few days at the very least. All the other custom order inquiries I've been receiving lately are for multiple pieces as well, so if any of them actually do come back and make orders in the next couple of days expect me to start acting all overwhelmed. Of course that scenario is still better than the sleeping shop. Well, off to it then.

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Veronica said...

I just found your blog via Craft Gossip. I am so excited to have finally found a needle tatting blog to refer to for learning. Your work is beautiful!