Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The online school I use with my daughter did indeed load in the new year's lessons yesterday, so that was my first task for the day. We only managed to do two classes mostly due to the child's persistent protests. Honestly though that's all I was hoping for, just a nice easing back into the routine. It is already obvious that schooling will take more time this year, so I need the easing as well to get used to the lack of time I'll have for tatting and other business related nonsense.

Once that was wrapped for the day I fetched the mail only to be surprised by some goodies I hadn't yet expected to receive, including one of the supplies I needed for the necklace I've been yammering on about. So I went ahead and started assembling the bits I was going to use. I still have to wait for one more thing that will be in today to finish it and I'm not entirely certain about the filigree bit I tatted around either. I'll just wait until I get that last supply and then make some real decisions about it.

I spent the remainder of the day working on remaking things. Today I find myself down to just two on that list. I should get those and the new necklace finished up today and then...well, I'm not sure what then, but I'll think of something. I was thinking about making the slave bracelet cousin of the last ankle corset. It needs some serious modifications to work, but when it's just wrapped around my wrist, it looks pretty neat. I am however running incredibly low on the brown thread I used for the center parts. I ordered some more yesterday, but that means it won't be here until the end of the week at the earliest. It might be moot anyway since the addition of schooling to the schedule, just the remaking and the new necklace may eat up my whole day. Can you imagine there are still people out there who think I just sit on my bum all day? I know, right...well I do tat while sitting, but the point is I'm busy. I am now going to get on with it then.

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Anika said...

I honestly can't imagine how you are able to create all these new things so quickly. Have you thought of publishing a book of your patterns? I think that would be a major hit! (: