Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Working

I've got nothing for you this morning. Not really anyway. I dug through my thread and picked a nice royal blue that is the closest shade to sapphire that I have or that is even made. By some stroke of luck I happened to have two balls of this one, so I didn't order anymore, though I think I will today anyway as the first ball is not likely to survive the second piece in this order. The first was a pair of ankle corsets and now I'm onto a mask. The last piece is one of my larger collar necklaces so there is no way I'm making it with just one ball of thread and I will likely use up most of the second as well. Honestly,  I am way too used to a ball of thread lasting much longer. I use Cebelia for all my black work and the balls are much bigger than the flora and Lizbeth I use for most of my colored pieces. Anyway, that's my task for today, finish the mask and if I'm lucky and productive I'll get the necklace done too. More likely I'll start the necklace and finish it too late tomorrow to get it in the mail so it will sit around until Monday anyway so perhaps I shouldn't rush myself.

I am also waiting for an out of country echeck to clear and my goddess is it taking forever. With domestic ones its three or four days, this one is going on ten. I mean really it's no skin off my nose, but I can't imagine the customer loves waiting this long for it to even ship, let alone how long it takes to get there after it does. It just seems a mighty inconvenient way to shop. Reminds me of when things used to take 4-6 weeks to arrive after you ordered through the mail...ah, memories.

Well, that's all I can think of this morning. More blue tatting awaits me this fine day, you know once the sun comes up an all that. Oh, how about one of the nice sunflowers from my backyard for a photo to liven this up substance lacking post then. Yeah, that's nice and sunny. Enjoy.

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jenilin said...

Love the sun flower!!