Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, we had quite the interesting and occasionally unpleasant weekend. The unpleasantness began on Friday when finishing piece number two of the custom order. I had used up the first ball of thread and began the third piece using the second. A few segments in I placed it down on the table next to the other pieces and realized that while the two balls of thread said they were the same color, the dye lot was very different. I've not had them be quite this off before with the second being lighter. I mean I immediately saw a difference. While I'm not certain the customer would have immediately noticed, it was enough for me to stop work and make that thread order. This left me with a task that will not be completed until that thread arrives. Luckily I built this sort of set back into my time frame for custom orders.

Saturday was humming along nicely. Our usual trek to the Lowe's building thing was fun. Our errands to the Target, comic book store and Costco were fruitful. We were winding down in the evening when a friend brought over a piece he had drawn for my husband of his favorite comic book character and everything was just lovely. Just before bedtime the children requested we put up a new kids shower head we had purchased earlier. This brought the next bit of unpleasantness. As the husband worked, he stepped back onto the rubber tipped hook portion of a shower caddy I had just put in the bottom of the bathtub, you know to get it out of the way. Yes, the afore mentioned hook bit punctured the arch of his foot...bad. The kids were in the room too and freaked out as copious amounts of blood were unleashed from the wound. After the kids were calmed and the husband bandaged we all had a rough nights sleep.

This brings us to Sunday where a large portion of the morning was spent in the doctors office waiting for the husband to be seen and then receive that all important tetanus shot as his last was oh, eighteen years ago. The wound was examined and announced to be uninfected, though it's obvious someone will be limping about for quite some time. Also I am totally being blamed for leaving the shower caddy where it could be stepped on. I suppose that's fair, it was him moving the coffee table that caused me to break my toe the first time. Thus ends the unpleasantness.

One last this before I begin the Monday. I did get something new made starting before the Saturday incident and finishing after the Sunday doctor visit. This one is the prototype worked up as written in the antique pattern. Well except that I doubled it upon itself to make a wide cuff. I laced this one on for the photo, but after this I started on the final piece with my little stitch counting changes and hooks for closures. When I worked it up the second time I also figured out how to work it in one pass with a couple of chains which also gave it a more finished look on the edge. Hopefully I'll get it photographed and listed today. I have to wait for my thread order to finish the only order I have in queue so I'm also hoping for something that needs doing to come my way. Or perhaps I'll get working on some masks before Halloween is upon us. I guess the day is wide open, but let's just cross out fingers that there is no more unpleasantness.

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Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Fie! Begone, unpleasantness!

I hope this week is smoother and no one is further damaged at your abode.