Friday, November 26, 2010

Look At Me

So tired. We tend to host the family meal events since we have a bit more table space than the rest of the family. I originally thought this was a great thing. I don't have to go anywhere, I still don't really have to cook, I just babysit a turkey all day, but in the end it is so much more work. I have to clean the house first, then set up for everything followed by cleaning everything up again, so even not having to cook, I feel like I did way too much yesterday and the cats only let me sleep in a half an hour this morning, so here I am already.

I obviously have little to report tatting wise, but I do have a couple of things to share. First off, I totally forgot to share that the day before Thanksgiving, when we were out fetching pies, a treasury I was featured in made it to the front page of etsy. I know, I've been there before, but it is always a nice surprise, always. This one came from the treasury here which had already garnered me quite a few new hearts for the shop and many new views as well. The treasury was made by akaCINDERS who is a wonderful twitter and etsy friend with not only wonderful taste, but a lovely shop as well.

Next up a feature that I was alerted to by my Google alerts. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful that little feature is? Wonderful. Anyway, this one is on a blog called, This Is Just Cool. I had not heard of it, but it looks like it features a wide variety of things, not just another etsy seller site, so that is is of course very awesome. I get extra excited anytime tatting and my work can get potentially exposed to a brand new audience. Oh and thanks Just Cool for not putting me on your sister site which is apparently called. This Is Just Stupid...I appreciate that.

We have more family time this weekend, the traditional putting up of the Christmas decor and hoping that the new kittens are not tree climbers. Actually, that's a real worry as we put the tree in the loft which has a balcony and I really don't want to see if a kitten can land on it's feet from 18 feet up. I did get a mask order on Wednesday that I really need to get on just in case people do start shopping soon. Speaking of which, do not forget the code through Monday is THANKSGETTING2010 for 10% off in the etsy shop. I think that's quite enough self promotion for today, oh and before I forget, Thanks for the chuckle from the comments yesterday Jane, my husband now understands why I adore you!

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AJ said...

I am so with you on hosting Thanksgiving. We only had 5 people here yesterday, and we didn't have the traditional feast... but I still have two sinkfuls of dishes to wash, after spending most of the day itself tidying up the house! The pride at being a grown-up with my own dining room has quickly faded ;)