Monday, November 8, 2010

Queen Of The Nile Rises

It was a long weekend. There was movie going, Megamind, and sleepovers with the kids cousins. Then of course there was the time change that all but destroyed us as we tried to stay up to our new bedtime. Throughout the weekend I was busy tatting though. First up, I finished the new collar necklace. I did end up making a prototype and then starting all over. The final version has the lengthened center point I was thinking of and I built up the top section with two rows to create a little more of the choker effect. This one sits nicely at the base of the neck with the choker part standing up which makes it much more comfortable than most chokers and I used an adjustable clasp on this one as well, so it fits nearly every one. I got it listed over the weekend.

I also began offering free domestic and reduced International shipping in the shop. I hate doing sales too often as it can create the perception that you're really overcharging in the first place and with a few obvious exceptions I try to keep my prices relative to the time it takes to make them, so sales are rare for me. However, during the holiday season one must compete with all sorts of sales and offering free shipping is a relatively painless way to offer a deal. That will likely be in effect through the end of the year.

I got creative again on Sunday as we lazed around after the cousins had gone home. This time I busted out with a tome from the 70's again, this one by Irene Waller. The book is mostly full of basic design information, ideas and drawings. I kept looking at the one here and finally decided that I was going to try and make it. There was no pattern and no stitch counts listed so I was making it up as I went. We'll call it a challenge to create what you see with imaginary numbers. I suspect that I got most if not all the numbers and joins wrong. I also suspect that the final shape would need to be manipulated with proper blocking and stiffening. All that being said I'm pretty proud of my attempt. In fact I think it might make a right pretty pendant or maybe a lapel pin. There are a few other illustrations and bits in the book I'd like to guess my way through eventually, but I know I need to buckle down and shift into holiday mode soon. I'll be trying to build up stock of simple items, earrings, pendants and whatnot with the time I have right now. So no more design work...unless I really need to.

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