Monday, November 15, 2010

See The Kitties

The weekend belonged to the kitties and birthdays. It went, play with kitties, fetch something for kitties, go to day long birthday party, play with kitties, clean up for kitties...kitties, kitties, kitties. This here on the left is JiJi and down there on the right we have Neko. They came to us with some flea hitchhikers so we have them isolated in our room to avoid a house wide infestation. The flea meds seem to have been ridiculously effective, but it's been a long time since we have kittens, our youngest is seven, so it all seems like magic from what we remember. We plan on letting them loose in the house today and hopefully the cats, who are royally pissed at us, will not kill them. Also I'm crossing my fingers that my tatting corner survives. I suppose I should get cleaning that up as well. Oh, kittens, what sweet little destruction you are.

In other news, I heard back from the stylist regarding the photo shoot and she says I should receive some pictures soon and all my pieces are on their way back to me today. Now that I've heard that, I am getting really optimistic to see them and I will also receive a copy of the magazine when it goes to print, so I'll be sure to share.

I did get a little time to tat over the weekend and I opted to make some sepia pieces. I made up a ring as well as an Art Nouveau set. If the kittens don't kill me, I'll get those photographed and listed today. What I am avoiding is the remaking of several pieces. I know I should get on it, but they are larger ones and for some reason I just want some instant gratification and they won't give that to me. I am also distracted by kittens of course. Speaking of, good gracious getting them all their shots and vet care is expensive, those pictures up there represent our Christmas presents, seriously. Anyway, I will attempt to get some more tatting done and those photos and the child's school and some more kitty proofing. Oh, Monday how I wish I could just skip you.


Corina said...

Lovely kittens!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're so sweet! I hope the other kitties accept them without too much of a fuss.

AJ said...

They're so adorable!