Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Good Monday gentle readers. My weekend was long, full of shopping, mostly online and cleaning. Though I managed quite a bit of tatting over the weekend I have nothing new to share I'm afraid. For some reason most of my recent orders have been custom made pieces. A pair of barefoot sandals sized up to fit a mans size 12 foot, masks sized down to fit a smaller face and my most recent was a mask made in Ivory with a few crystals added. Of course the ivory bit leads me to my first embarrassing confession for the day. I've been asked a  lot recently for pieces in ivory and I kept saying no thinking that not only did I have no ivory thread, but that I had not been able to find any. Then while cleaning I found a ball of it in my possession and then I began to recall when I did find some and bought it. Yeah...I feel a little foolish, but I've purchased more and now I really need to revamp my available thread list in the shop.

One more embarrassing confession, my communication skills are seriously failing me lately. I am usually the kind of person that responds immediately to correspondence. This is not out of some overinflated sense of the worth of my thoughts, but rather because not doing so inevitably results in me not responding at all. I forget, put it off and finally decided it has been far too long for a proper response. If I have done this to you I apologize, but it appears to be happening at a much increased rate as of late. I suppose with all the stuff I have to do particularly around the holidays, something is bound to fall through the cracks. If I have ignored you, feel free to shoot me another message, I won't be offended, I promise and I will respond straight away.

Last thing before I get to work for the day, an update on the weekend sales event. It was a complete bomb. I did have a few sales, about the same amount I would have any other week. I also only had one person actually plug in the discount code required for the sale. On one hand I count this as a failure of my ability to communicate a sale, on the other I don't lose any money to the discount, so I'm calling it a draw. I'm finished up some pieces that needed remaking today and I have a handful of orders to go out this morning. School is also back in session today so I have a few less hours than I had last week to work, so I best stop stalling and get on with it.

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Sewicked said...

My weekend internet & computer time was limited, so I did not shopping online. If that 'helps'. Maybe I wasn't alone in that.