Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My cold has advanced to that point where it is nearly crying out, 'see if you can get anything done now, woman!'. I mean I did get stuff done, but that's only because I really haven't any choice. Some days I really miss being a kid and being taken care of, allowed to stay in bed all day with no expectations put upon me. Instead I have a household to run, people to take care of and a business of sorts requiring my rapt attention. Oh well, moving on then.

Sometimes I forget why I ever stopped making a piece I used to sell. Perhaps I got tired of making it or it didn't sell particularly well so I let it go. At any rate, it's nice to resurrect them ever once in a while, refine the patterns and see if they find a new audience. This one was one of the only pieces I wrote out a diagram for. I had originally made it as a bridesmaid piece with smaller thread and hung it from chains. This go round I adjusted some stitch counts, made it with my standard size 10 thread and tatted the chain. I figured it no longer had that bridesmaid look so I renamed it as well. I did end up making the matching earrings in the smaller thread because they looked a bit off that large.

I also have a bit of bad-ish news, well disappointing really. I received the pictures from the photo shoot and only one of my pieces was used and you can barely see it in the photos. I'm looking on the bright side though as I will still get that magazine credit and hopefully I've made a contact in the stylist that might lead to more exposure in the future. I certainly don't regret the effort, but I suppose I dreamed a little bigger than I should have.

I also managed to get my exchange gifts made up for the Intatters holiday exchange so I should get those in the post later today or tomorrow morning. I do also have a simple veil to make up today and I am trying to get another pair of ankle corsets remade. I don't know how focused I will remain as the cold has clearly taken over my head space, but I shall of course try. Thank you all for the kitty comments and advice yesterday. They continue to demand my attention and the other cats are slowly adjusting. My girl cat has gone maternal, but the boys are still sharing their ire. Since you seem to not mind so much, here is yet another sleeping lap kitten photo. At least my lap is always warm I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

1) The black necklace is gorgeous.
2) I'm sorry about the photo shoot. Your stuff deserves to be published.
3) Pictures of kitties (big and little) are always appreciated. :)
4) Feel better soon!

(I like lists, can you tell?)