Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well, I have like nothing of consequence to share today...nothing. I did get a couple of sales yesterday during the Cyber Monday shopping and this time the coupon code got used, so I guess my earlier assessment of failure was premature. Perhaps the lesson is that Cyber Monday is a real thing and next year I'll just wait and have the one day sale event instead. Of the orders I received a few were pieces quickly remade and again we have a custom sized piece. I marvel at the ability I seem to have developed over these last few years to slightly adjust a pattern to size without upsetting the overall design. I do not marvel at my complete inability to note any of these changes for future use however. I will just have to make it all up again if I ever need to make similar adjustments in the future.

So today is more schooling, a bit of cleaning and trying to keep everything made. There will of course be more than a couple of pieces that will fall through the cracks until after the holidays and I admit to a hankering to make a few one of a kind pieces lately. In fact the biggest obstacle to that is my lack of desire to take pictures in the relatively sunless winter. I guess we'll see how it goes. Well, look at that, nothing to say and I managed two full paragraphs. I sure can babble with the best of them. See you tomorrow with perhaps something interesting to say.

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