Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank You Internet Fairy

Well my deal with the Internet Fairy was a mixed bag. I am not typing here magically healed from what ails me. The cold, rather than disappear, has taken to morphing into different versions of itself. My ears got so clogged that at one point over the weekend I blew my nose, lost hearing in one ear and experienced some incredible vertigo. The Internet told me this was not an unusual occurrence and as everything quickly resolved itself, nothing to worry about. It was however, terribly unpleasant. I told you the Fairy was a mixed bag because on the sales front that gal delivered. I have had sixteen sales since Friday after I wrote. This of course means that my 200 has not stuck, though I did try and fight it at first, remaking as fast as I could, but as it turns out I m not actually a tatting machine.

I also got a great little bit of news from my first customer on Friday, there was a feature on tatting and tatters on Mr. X Stitch. It's an incredible embroidery and needlework blog that I have been fortunate to be featured on in the past. The post up on Friday featured not only myself, but had many kind words for the craft and features on some of my other favorite shuttle and needle slinging folk. So if you haven't run across it yet, go read it...I'll wait...Didn't she say some incredibly flattering things? I know...I'm spoiled.

Somehow over the weekend I also came up with a new earring design. This one uses the same basic pattern as the vintage one I used for my recent Scallop bracelet. I just took a single motif from the design added a bit at the top and there you have it. They are frickin huge, but I have already sold the first pair, so I'll list another later today. I also have a mask to make and as you might imagine quite a few more pieces on my plate. I also got to use the coupon code on etsy for the first time. I've been sending one out with orders as a bounce back discount, very small one, but I had one redeemed that I created for a large order. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the way they work. Thanks etsy!

My daughter has the week off from school, but that just means I have a little more time to keep the house clean for Thanksgiving hosting duties and try my damnedest to keep the shop well stocked for the holidays. You can't sell what's not made and listed, so I must get my slave elf on healthy or no. The most wonderful time of the year.

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ArtSnark said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Congrats on the sales & feature! The new design looks good