Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Internet Sales Fairy giveth and she taketh away. Seriously, sales disappeared after the spectacular weekend, just poof, gone. I am going to take a leap and guess folks are waiting for the weekend and its potential sales to do any more shopping. That being the case I may launch a weekend sale a little early, but it's five in the morning right now and I really haven't made any solid decisions about that. If I do, I'll tweet it and edit the post here to add the coupon code at the bottom.

Thank you for all your comments and opinions yesterday. I really appreciate that there wasn't a lot of placating, just honest opinions. In the end I think that I will leave what is up, up and perhaps be a little more cautious when I offer something new as a pattern. I know that those who maybe aren't ready to sell will either give up quickly or get better quickly and those that are ready to sell will likely embrace designing themselves, so it really should cause me too much worry. It was also suggested that I write up a book of patterns for sale. Actually that has been suggested to me before and I always have the same response, not now. There are a lot of reasons for that of course, one I am no pattern writing genius, sure they make sense to me, but... and I have zero illustration skills. I still do have all that homeschooling, raising small kids and housework and being a bit of a perfectionist means that if I can't devote all my energy to something, I'm not going to bother. I also worry that even with a personal use clause that people will make the assumption that because they bought something they bought all uses of it. This, unfortunately, is a prevailing opinion, so for the time being, there will be no patterns to sell, but I am greatly flattered by everyone who suggests that I even could.

I have also been getting more questions in my formspring box lately and one of them was regarding an edging pattern that was referred to by someones Grandmother as 'bow and arrow'. I haven't a clue what that might be and since there are so few patterns with established and accepted names like hen and chicks, I thought I'd ask if any of you out there know what that might refer to so I can shuttle the answer back.Get it, shuttle? No? Did I mention it was five in the morning?

I did spend much of yesterday remaking the weekend sales and cleaning...lots of cleaning. The husband is off today, so there will be more cleaning and unless those sales pick up, not a lot of tatting. Though I did print out Jane's flurry snowflake pattern to play with. She keeps making more of them and they are so cute and, well I have never tatted a snowflake for my own tree, so if those sales can wait a day, I think I might see if I can figure that one out on the needle and make myself something for once.


jenjenholley said...

i agree that a book would be a pain in the butt to write but what about a dvd with beginning techniques? it would be easier to do then a book and as a newbe myself i think it would be easier to follow and learn from. i don't want to steal your patterns but beginning shapes and concepts would help us earn and develop our own

Clair Endricks said...

I agree with Jen ^ A DVD is a great idea
much easier than a book on both sides